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With the experience of 5 decades of looking after the areas of trademark registration, copyright protection, patent seeking, design registration, company registration and custom matters, AbSam IP has gathered the most experienced team of attorneys, intellectuals and trademark agents under one roof and have been trying to give the the most efficient service to its clients .At AbSam IP, the attorneys and team members have been trying to leave no stone un turned to come up to hopes and expectations of every single soul who has an interest in Intellectual Property Rights. With little resources at hand , AbSam IPS has taken upon itself the challenge of satisfying the needs of all those who are interested in protecting their IPRs as well as those who want to learn about IPRs. AbSamIP, so far, has been looking after the following areas:

  • Registration of Trademarks in Pakistan
  • Registration of Copyright works in Pakistan
  • Patent Registration in Pakistan
  • Design Registration in Pakistan
  • Registration of Utility Models in Pakistan
  • Registration of trademark, copyright, patent, design and utility models in Afghanistan
  • Company Registration in Pakistan
  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Corporate affairs

We are looking to share with you our expertise and assistance so you can understand the potential of opportunities involved in achieving your goals.

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