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The only thing that is constant, is the rapid change around us. With a change in nature, quality, quantity and shape of economies, the horizon of law has also been rapidly expanding. What was a little known entity in 19th Century has become a rapidly increasing molecule of Intellectual Property Law. Every new day adds volumes of novelties and invocations in the area of Intellectual Property Law.


AbSam IP has been lucky to have the legacy of of forward looking team of young energetic individuals who believe in the concept of becoming the agents of change. Excessive interaction with the stake holders, exposure to media and travelling have been adding value to the personalities of the team members of AbSam IP.


AbSam IP stresses on the need to help clients nip the issue in the bud.Constant interaction and regular following up with clients has identified the most innovative ways of doing things as the most conventional way. Being the members of IP legal fraternity, the IPO-Pakistan

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